Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol NRG1
Previous Symbol HGL, NRG1-IT2
Symbol Alias HRG, NDF, GGF
Approved Name neuregulin 1
Previous Name NRG1 intronic transcript 2 (non-protein coding)
Location 8p12
Position chr8:31639386-32767959, 1
External Links HGNC: 7997
Entrez Gene: 3084
Ensembl: ENSG00000157168
UCSC: uc003xiu.2
No. of Studies 15 (Positive: 10; Negative: 5; trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? YES
Overlap with MDD? YES
Gene related studies (count: 15)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Cao L., 2014 SNP: rs16879552, rs7825175, rs13260545, rs2466096, rs2466067, rs2466066, rs16879576, rs10954862, rs17665441, rs2439281, rs12056925, rs12547858, rs2439273, rs6468121, rs2466044, rs3808368, rs2976521, rs13259346, rs2466046, rs2439322, rs2919391, rs12541855, rs2466084, rs2976515, rs7835765, rs16879809, rs2919376, rs3757933, rs16879922, rs6982890
Haplotype: rs12056925 - rs12547858(A-A), rs12547858 - rs2439273(A-A), rs2439273 - rs6468121(A-A), rs6468121 - rs2466044(A-A), rs2439273 - rs6468121 - rs2466044(A-A-A), rs2439273 - rs6468121 - rs2466044 - rs3808368 - rs2976521(A-A-A-T-G)
The results suggest that the 3' region of the NRG1 gene plays a role in BPI susceptibility in the Chinese Han population. Positive Comment on Study
Prata, D. P.,2009 SNP: rs35753505, rs4623364
Other variant: NRG1_SNP8NRG241930
This study supports the hypothesis that NRG1 may play a role in the development of bipolar disorder, especially in psychotic subtypes, albeit with different alleles to previous association reports in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Cassidy, F., 2006 Haplotype: NRG1_420M9-1395 - NRG1_D8S1810(3-6), NRG1_478B14-848 - NRG1_420M9-1395(1-3), NRG1_478B14-848 - NRG1_420M9-1395 - NRG1_D8S1810(1-3-5), NRG1_SNP8NRG221533 - NRG1_478B14-848 - NRG1_420M9-1395(2-2-3), NRG1_SNP8NRG221533 - NRG1_SNP8NRG243177(2-2), NRG1_SNP8NRG221533 - NRG1_SNP8NRG243177 - NRG1_478B14-848 - NRG1_420M9-1395(1-1-2-3), NRG1_SNP8NRG243177 - NRG1_478B14-848(1-2)
Other variant: NRG1_SNP8NRG221533, NRG1_D8S1810, NRG1_SNP8NRG243177, NRG1_478B14-848, NRG1_420M9-1395
These findings suggest that NRG1 is not a susceptibility gene for BPAD in the Irish population. Positive Comment on Study
Thomson, P. A., 2007 SNP: rs10091429, rs10093464, rs10095694, rs10096770, rs10103750, rs10113797, rs10503932, rs10954811, rs10954842, rs1481747, rs1481762, rs1487141, rs1503491, rs1545961, rs1948098, rs2347501, rs2439286, rs2439300, rs2439305, rs2919390, rs327329, rs3757930, rs4298458, rs4513929, rs4733132, rs4733140, rs553950, rs6468099, rs6986716, rs6988339, rs7007662, rs7015249, rs726908, rs901561, rs9656744, rs9886497
Haplotype: rs10095694 - rs2919390(), rs10095694 - rs2919390 - rs6988339(), rs10095694 - rs2919390 - rs6988339 - rs3757930(), rs10113797 - rs10954811 - rs1503491 - rs553950(), rs10954811 - rs1503491 - rs553950(), rs10954811 - rs1503491 - rs553950 - rs327329(), rs1503491 - rs553950(), rs1503491 - rs553950 - rs327329(T-T-T), rs1503491 - rs553950 - rs327329 - rs7007662(), rs2439286 - rs10095694(), rs2439286 - rs10095694 - rs2919390(), rs2439286 - rs10095694 - rs2919390 - rs6988339(), rs2439300 - rs2439286 - rs10095694 - rs2919390(), rs2439305 - rs2439300 - rs2439286 - rs10095694(), rs2919390 - rs6988339(), rs2919390 - rs6988339 - rs3757930(), rs2919390 - rs6988339 - rs3757930 - rs10103750(), rs327329 - rs7007662 - rs1481762(), rs327329 - rs7007662 - rs1481762 - rs726908(), rs3757930 - rs10103750(), rs3757930 - rs10103750 - rs10503932(), rs3757930 - rs10103750 - rs10503932 - rs9656744(), rs4298458 - SNP8NRG241930 - SNP8NRG243177 - rs10113797(), rs553950 - rs327329 - rs7007662(), rs553950 - rs327329 - rs7007662 - rs1481762(), rs6988339 - rs3757930(), rs6988339 - rs3757930 - rs10103750(), rs6988339 - rs3757930 - rs10103750 - rs10503932(), SNP8NRG221533 - rs4298458 - SNP8NRG241930 - SNP8NRG243177()
Other variant: NRG1_SNP8NRG221132, NRG1_SNP8NRG221533, NRG1_SNP8NRG241930, NRG1_SNP8NRG243177
Our study identifies a new of NRG1 region involved in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in the Scottish population. Positive Comment on Study
Perlis, 2008 SNP: rs1481743, rs16878388, rs2466089, rs3924999, rs967205 permuted P> .005 in gene-based association tests. Negative Comment on Study
Georgieva, L.,2008 SNP: rs7014762
Other variant: NRG1_420M9-1395, NRG1_478B14-848, NRG1_SNP88NR221533, NRG1_SNP8NRG241930, NRG1_SNP8NRG243177
Our data provide significant levels of support for NRG1 as a susceptibility gene for both major forms of psychosis Positive Comment on Study
Fallin, M. D.,2005 12 SNP typed, Median D'=0.26, Median r<sup>2</sup> =0.01, 6 LD blocks, 0.04 block coverage, all SNP or haplotype P-value > 0.05 in BP and SZ/SZA.. This gene is not suggestive to BP. Negative Comment on Study
Yosifova, A.,2009 SNP: rs2919390, rs6988339 No SNP of this gene had significant association with BD in our population. Negative Comment on Study
Goes, F. S., 2009 SNP: rs1579033, rs2129533, rs7005606, rs7822564, rs7822917, rs901561
Haplotype: NRG2243177 - rs7819063(T-T), NRG241930 - NRG2243177 - rs7819063(G-T-T), rs2129533 - rs716144 - rs4317533 - rs10503906(G-G-G-G), rs4476964 - NRG241930 - NRG2243177 - rs7819063(G-G-T-T), rs6651144 - rs7005606(T-G)
In sum, our study suggests that NRG1 may be specifically associated with the psychotic subset of BP; however, our results should be interpreted cautiously since they do not meet correction for multiple testing and await independent replication. Positive Comment on Study
Green, E. K.,2005 Haplotype: SNP8NRG221533 - microsatellites478B14848 - microsatellites420M91395() Our findings suggest that neuregulin 1 plays a role in influencing susceptibility to bipolar disorder and that it may exert a specific effect in the subset of functional psychosis that has manic and mood-incongruent psychotic features. Positive Comment on Study
Voineskos, D.,2009 Haplotype: 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 10-4-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 5-7-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 5-8-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 5-8-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-3-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-3-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-4-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-4-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-7-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 6-8-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-3-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-4-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-6-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-6-2), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-7-1), 478B14-848 - 420M9-1395 - SNP8NRG221533( 7-7-2) In conclusion, haplotype analysis for the bipolar disorder sample was significant, but we were unable to replicate previous associations of the core at-risk haplotype with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Pedrosa, E.,2009 SNP: rs7825588 A significant increase in homozygosity for the minor allele was found in patients with SZ (genotype distribution chi(2) = 7.32, p = 0.03) but not in BD (genotype distribution chi(2) = 0.52, p = 0.77). Negative Comment on Study
Walker, R. M.,2010 SNP: rs1503491, rs2919390, rs327329, rs3757930, rs553950, rs6988339
Haplotype: rs1503491 - rs553950(), rs1503491 - rs553950 - rs327329(), rs2919390 - rs6988339(), rs2919390 - rs6988339 - rs3757930(), rs553950 - rs327329(), rs6988339 - rs3757930()
This study supports the involvement of NRG1 variants in the less well studied 3 region in conferring susceptibility to SCZ and BPD in the Scottish population. Positive Comment on Study
Gutierrez-Fernandez, A., 2014 SNP: rs113317778, rs7005606, rs6468119
Haplotype: rs62510682 - rs6994992(G-T), rs62510682 - rs6994992(G-C), rs62510682 - rs6994992(T-C), rs7005606 - rs6468119 - rs3802158 - rs7834206 (T-T-C-C), rs7005606 - rs6468119 - rs3802158 - rs7834206 (G-C-T-A), rs7005606 - rs6468119 - rs3802158 - rs7834206 (T-C-C-C)
The current study provides evidence supporting the candidacy of NRG1 as a susceptibility gene in psychosis spectrum disorders, particularly BD. Positive Comment on Study
Moon, E.,2011 SNP: rs3924999, rs6994992 In conclusion, the present findings do not support association of the NRG1 variants in the CVCR population with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Negative Comment on Study
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