1. Advanced Search

Figure 1 Options for gene search and gene search result.

By clicking the gene symbol in the search result, user can enter gene report page (Figure 2), which provides comprehensive information for the gene, including basic information, gene related studies, gene functional annotation (gene related GO terms, gene related KEGG pathways, gene related BioCarta pathways and gene related interactors from protein-protein interaction data in HPRD), correlation with other genetic factors (gene related SNPs, gene related CNVs, gene related other variants and gene related regions), overlap with SZ and MDD, and links for gBrowse. Two extra functions 'Add to My Gene Set’ and ‘Comment on Gene' were provided to help user collect their intersted genes and make comments on genes as shown in the "My Gene Set" part and "Forum" parts as below.

Figure 2 Gene report page.

2. Disease Gene Overlap

Figure 3 Search option for ‘Disease Gene Overlap’.

3. Analysis

Based on the data from literature, BDgene implemented four aspects of data analyses and the analysis results were shown in ‘Analysis’ modules, including BD core genes from gene prioritization analysis, pathways from PBA (pathway-based analysis) for BD GWAS, and enriched pathway for both BD core genes and shared literature-reported positive genes. For enriched pathways, several parameters were provided to filter the pathways, including top results, P-value, total gene count and comparison result with pathways from PBA (only for enriched pathway for BD core genes).

4. Tools

Figure 4 Customize ‘My Gene Set’

Figure 5 gBrowse for visualizing genetic and genomic data.

5. Forum

BDgene forum is a platform for users to make comment on specific genes or studies hosted by BDgene on line in real time (via "Comment on Gene" and "Comment on Study")(Figure 6). We also welcome researchers to propose complementary articles of BD genetic study (via "Upload Article"), make any comments and suggestions for the website or exchange ideas on BD genetics research (via "Add General Comment").

Figure 6 BDgene Forum.

To submit any types of comments or upload complementary articles, registration is needed. Users can add comments either from Forum home page or from gene/study report page (Figure 7). Text fields for comment, references and weighting are provided for users to input to make comment on gene. There are four levels for gene weighting provided, namely 0 - no association, 1 - weak association, 2 - moderate association and 3 - strong association. Researchers can select gene weight according to their understanding of the genes, and thus to share their opinions with other researchers. Users can also make reply any existing comment or view all comments made by a given person.

Figure 7 Add comments on gene.