About us

Our team ( is dedicated to complex disease study with one of the research focuses on development of biological databases by large-scale data integration and data mining. We also develop bioinformatics tools and web servers to facilitate the analysis of genetic, genomic, and epigenomic data of complex diseases. Our published databases include BGI-RIS (2004), SilkDB (2005), ChickVD (2005), IVDB (2007), MethyCancer (2008), MyBASE (2009), ADHD (2012) and MK4MDD (2012). Our published web servers include WEGO (2006), i-GSEA4GWAS (2010) and ICSNPathway (2011).

For the pathway-based analysis (PBA) performed in BDgene, we used a PBA algorithm, named i-GSEA, which was developed by our recent studies and was implemented in our web servers of i-GSEA4GWAS and ICSNPathway.

If you have any questions while using the site, please feel free to Contact Us.

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