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Basic Info
Approved Symbol DAOA
Symbol Alias G72
Approved Name D-amino acid oxidase activator
Name Alias G72 transcript
Location 13q33.2
Position chr13:105465867-105491034, 1
External Links HGNC: 21191
Entrez Gene: 267012
Ensembl: ENSG00000182346
UCSC: uc001vqb.4
No. of Studies 21 (Positive: 13; Negative: 7; trend: 1)
Overlap with SZ? YES
Overlap with MDD? YES
Gene related studies (count: 21)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Maheshwari, M.,2009 SNP: rs1253464, rs12862108, rs1341402, rs1421292, rs1815686, rs1935057, rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2012887, rs2025522, rs2391191, rs3916964, rs3916965, rs3916966, rs3918342, rs41274240, rs67705083, rs701567, rs72661138, rs72661139, rs72661140, rs778293, rs778294, rs778326, rs778334, rs778336, rs7981258, rs7986339, rs7987770, rs9301029, rs9301030, rs9301034, rs947267, rs9519671, rs9519683, rs954581, rs9558551, rs9558581, rs978714 To summarize, we failed to detect significant disease association of common or rare variants in the DAOA gene region in relatively large sample sets, but found that rs1935058 best explained previously identified linkage signal in a specific family sample set. It remains possible that DAOA may contribute to bipolar susceptibility in some specific families. Positive Comment on Study
Muller, D. J.,2011 SNP: rs1341402, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs778294, rs947267
Haplotype: rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062(T-A-C), rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267(T-A-C-T), rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294(T-A-C-T-C), rs1935062 - rs947267(C-T), rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294(C-T-C), rs2391191 - rs1935062(A-C), rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267(A-C-T), rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294(A-C-T-C)
These findings suggest that the DAOA/G72 gene confers susceptibility to both BD and SZ, but that different polymorphisms may potentially differentiate between these two disorders. Positive Comment on Study
Schulze, T. G.,2005 SNP: rs1341402, rs1421292, rs2391191, rs3918342
Haplotype: rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs3918342 - rs1421292(G-G-C-T), rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs3918342 - rs1421292(G-G-T-A), rs3918342 - rs1421292(C-T), rs3918342 - rs1421292(T-A)
Our analysis revealed that the association between bipolar affective disorder and the DAOA/G30 locus is an association involving those with a history of persecutory delusions rather than bipolar affective disorder in general. Positive Comment on Study
Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M.,2010 SNP: rs1341402, rs1421292, rs1935057, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916965, rs3916967, rs3916971, rs3918342, rs67705083, rs778293, rs778294, rs954581
Haplotype: rs3916967 - rs2391191()
Other variant: DAOA_z6:1117
We report a potential association of different G72/G30-SNPs with non-psychotic mood episodes and with persecutory delusions in BPI Romanian patients. Positive Comment on Study
Tan, J., 2014 SNP: rs2391191, rs947267, rs3918342 DAOA genetic polymorphisms (M15, M18 and M23) were not found to confer a statistically significant increased risk of SCZ, BD or DD in the overall sample, or in Caucasians and Asians following subgroup analysis. Negative Comment on Study
Soronen, P.,2011 SNP: rs2391191, rs778336 No significant association of this gene was observed in BD. Negative Comment on Study
Fallin, M. D.,2005 14 SNP typed, Median D'=0.96, Median r<sup>2</sup> =0.15, 2 LD blocks, 1.33 block coverage, there exists SNP or haplotype nominal P-value < 0.01 in SZ and all SNP or haplotype P-value > 0.05 in BP.. This gene is suggestive to BP and SZ/SZA. Trend Comment on Study
Zhang, Z.,2009(a) SNP: rs2391191, rs3916965, rs3918342, rs778293, rs778294
Haplotype: rs778293 - rs3918342(A-A), rs778293 - rs3918342(A-G), rs778293 - rs3918342(G-G), rs778294 - rs778293(G-A), rs778294 - rs778293(G-G)
In conclusion, our experimental data provide further evidence that variations in G72 confer susceptibility to BPD, as well as providing the first such evidence based on an Asian population. Positive Comment on Study
Zuliani, R.,2009 SNP: rs1421292, rs3918342 Genetic variation at single nucleotide polymorphisms in the G72 gene previously associated with bipolar disorder is related to reductions in temporal pole and amygdala gray matter structure in people with bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Bass, N. J.,2009 SNP: rs1341402, rs1421292, rs1935062, rs2111902, rs2391191, rs3741775, rs3916965, rs3916967, rs3918342, rs3918346, rs778293, rs778294, rs947267, rs954581 Our results provide some support for a role for DAOA in susceptibility to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Hukic, D. S.,2013 SNP: rs3916967, rs2391191, rs1935062
Haplotype: rs3916967 - rs2391191 - rs1935062(C-A-C), rs3916967 - rs2391191 - rs1935062(T-G-C), rs3916967 - rs2391191 - rs1935062(C-A-A), rs3916967 - rs2391191 - rs1935062(T-G-A)
Our finding are consistent with other studies showing genetic associations between the COMT and DAOA genes and impaired cognition both in psychiatric disorders and in the general population. Positive Comment on Study
Shi, J., 2008 (a) SNP: rs1341402, rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs778294 No single maker showed evidence of overall association with BP. Negative Comment on Study
Prata, D., 2008 SNP: rs2391191, rs3916966, rs3916972, rs746187
Haplotype: rs746187 - rs3916972(), rs746187 - rs3916972(1-1: G-G)
Analysis of each SNP individually showed no significant association. Negative Comment on Study
Hattori, E.,2003 SNP: rs1341402, rs1359387, rs1815686, rs1935058, rs1935062, rs1998654, rs2012887, rs2181953, rs2391191, rs778294, rs778334, rs947267, rs954581, rs978714
Haplotype: rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(C-C-G-A-C-A-T), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(C-T-A-A-A-G-C), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(C-T-A-C-A-G-T), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(C-T-G-A-C-G-T), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(T-T-G-A-A-G-C), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(T-T-G-A-A-G-T), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(T-T-G-A-C-A-T), rs1935058 - rs1341402 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778294 - rs954581(T-T-G-A-C-G-T)
These data suggest that a susceptibility variant for bipolar illness exists in the vicinity of the G72/G30 genes. Positive Comment on Study
Dalvie, S.,2010 SNP: rs701567 There were no significant difference in SNP allele frequencies between cases and controls. Negative Comment on Study
Gawlik, M.,2010 SNP: rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916966, rs3918342, rs947267, rs9558575
Haplotype: rs1935058 - rs1935062 - rs2391191 - rs3916966()
Our data do not support a common genetic contribution of the DAOA/G30 gene complex to the pathogenesis of affective disorders. Negative Comment on Study
Gaysina, D.,2010 SNP: rs12584489, rs1421292, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916965, rs3918342, rs778292, rs947267, rs9558562
Haplotype: rs12584489 - rs2391191 - rs9558562(), rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs778292(), rs2391191 - rs9558562 - rs1935062(), rs3916965 - rs12584489 - rs2391191(), rs778292 - rs3918342 - rs1421292(), rs947267 - rs778292 - rs3918342(), rs9558562 - rs1935062 - rs947267(), rs1935062 - rs3741775(), rs3916965 - rs3741775()
In conclusion, our results in two independent Caucasian samples did not provide evidence for association of DAOA or DAO with BD, nor did we find convincing evidence of statistical epitasis. Negative Comment on Study
Williams, N. M., 2006 SNP: rs1341402, rs1421292, rs1935058, rs2391191, rs391695, rs778293, rs778294, rs954581
Other variant: DAOA_3'UTR_SNP12
Our results imply that variation at the DAOA/G30 locus influences susceptibility to episodes of mood disorder across the traditional bipolar and schizophrenia categories. Positive Comment on Study
Detera-Wadleigh, S. D., 2006 SNP: rs1341402, rs1421292, rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs3916964, rs3916965, rs3916966, rs3916967, rs3916970, rs3916971, rs3918341, rs3918342, rs746187, rs778293, rs778294, rs947267, rs954581 In summary, this meta-analysis supports significant association of markers in the G72 region with both schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Chen, Y. S.,2004 SNP: rs1935058, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs947267, rs954581
Haplotype: rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(T-G-A-C-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(C-A-C-A-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(T-G-A-A-C), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(T-G-C-A-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(C-G-C-A-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(T-A-A-C-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(C-A-A-A-C), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(C-G-A-C-T), rs1935058 - rs2391191 - rs1935062 - rs947267 - rs954581(T-G-A-A-T)
These new results provide further evidence, in an independent sample, for an association between BPAD and genetic variation in the vicinity of the genes G72 and G30. Positive Comment on Study
Schumacher, J.,2004 SNP: rs1341402, rs1935062, rs2391191, rs778294
Haplotype: M12 - M15 - M23 - M24(T-A-C-T), M12 - M15 - M23 - M24(T-A-T-A), M12 - M15 - M23 - M24(C-G-C-T), M12 - M15 - M23 - M24(C-G-T-A)
Other variant: DAOA_M12, DAOA_M24, DAOA_M23
The association of variation at G72 with schizophrenia as well as BPAD provides molecular support for the hypothesis that these two major psychiatric disorders share some of their etiologic background. Positive Comment on Study
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