Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol GRM7
Symbol Alias GLUR7, GPRC1G, mGlu7, MGLUR7, PPP1R87
Approved Name glutamate receptor, metabotropic 7
Name Alias protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 87
Location 3p26-p25
Position chr3:6770001-7741533, 1
External Links HGNC: 4599
Entrez Gene: 2917
Ensembl: ENSG00000196277
UCSC: uc003bql.2
No. of Studies 3 (Positive: 2; Negative: 1; trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? YES
Overlap with MDD? NO
Gene related studies (count: 3)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Gratacos, M.,2009 Other variant: GRM7_hcv11751218 Nominal associations with bipolar disorder was observed. Positive Comment on Study
Yosifova, A.,2009 SNP: rs1485171 No SNP of this gene had significant association with BD in our population. Negative Comment on Study
Kandaswamy R., 2014 SNP: rs183111337, rs62237226, rs115717493, rs340653, rs163422, rs371097, rs371841, rs62237227, rs339807, rs114774914, rs62237228, rs3749380, rs342034, rs3828472, rs9868134, rs3749450, rs3749449, rs3749448, rs35106713, rs140139253, rs6768211, rs185220306, rs9850091, rs116361217, rs7638548, rs78210196, rs7640834, rs61060115, rs75618003, rs138571076, rs138761134, rs78677232, rs192193072, rs2291867, rs712774, rs712792, rs73015547, rs712793, rs2229902, rs1485174, rs1143739, rs1965222, rs3828429, rs34373930, rs7614915, rs1485175, rs1485173, rs1485172, rs2139187, rs62235192, rs115155482, rs7611935, rs7612048, rs17047754, rs162802, rs2280739, rs10514663, rs162801, rs140995942, rs5846531, rs2279840, rs162777, rs75721571, rs9826579, rs56173829, rs17726576, rs60445645, rs150288969, rs10510354, rs1352411, rs340659, rs11708019, rs9823996, rs9820417, rs17288442, rs13070476, rs1508724, rs11710946, rs6769814, rs17047149, rs11717750
Haplotype: rs1400166 - rs2875257 - rs10510353 - rs11708019 - rs1963265 - rs1508724 - rs9823996 - rs11710946 - rs6769814()
Other variant: GRM7_3_6900524_1000G, GRM7_3_6901914_1000G, GRM7_3_6902624_1000G, GRM7_3f_7313045, GRM7_nPb_7467774, GRM7_nPa_7493030, GRM7_nex4_7600830, GRM7_nex7_7649745, GRM7_nex8_7678357, GRM7_9c_7698252, STR, GRM7_Ex14_Indel, rs63470962
Genetic markers at the GRM7 gene have shown allelic association with bipolar disorder (BP) in several case-control samples including our own sample. Positive Comment on Study
Gene functional annotation
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Related other genetic factors
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LD-proxies (count: 187)

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Overlap with schizophrenia (SZ) and major depressive disorder (MDD)
Gene relationship with SZ

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Gene relationship with MDD

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