Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol CRHR1
Previous Symbol CRHR
Symbol Alias CRF-R, CRF1
Approved Name corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1
Name Alias corticotropin-releasing factor receptor
Location 17q21.31
Position chr17:45784280-45835828, 1
External Links HGNC: 2357
Entrez Gene: 1394
Ensembl: ENSG00000120088
UCSC: uc002ijm.3
No. of Studies 4 (Positive: 2; Negative: 2; trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? NO
Overlap with MDD? YES
Gene related studies (count: 4)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Szczepankiewicz, A., 2013 SNP: rs4076452, rs4792887, rs110402, rs12936511, rs16940655, rs173365, rs242950, rs878886
Haplotype: rs4792887 - rs110402(C-A ), rs4792887 - rs110402(C-G ), rs4792887 - rs110402(T-G ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (C-C-G-C-C ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (C-T-A-C-G ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (C-C-A-T-C ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (C-C-A-C-C ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (T-C-A-C-C ), rs12936511 - rs16940655 - rs173365 - rs242950 - rs878886 (C-C-A-C-G )
Polymorphisms of CRHR1 and AVPR1b may modify susceptibility to mood disorders. Positive Comment on Study
Leszczynska-Rodziewicz A, 2013 SNP: rs4076452, rs12936511, rs4792887, rs242950, rs878886, rs173365, rs242937, rs110402, rs1694065 In our study we found no association between melancholic depression and polymorphisms in this gene. Negative Comment on Study
Leszczynska-Rodziewicz, A., 2012 SNP: rs110402, rs1293651, rs1694065, rs173365, rs242937, rs242950, rs4076452, rs4792887, rs878886 Our results suggest possible role of the polymorphisms in the AVPR1b and CRHR1 genes and the etiology of psychotic features in depression in the course of bipolar type I disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Ceulemans, S.,2011 SNP: rs10445368, rs110402, rs11652070, rs11657992, rs12150516, rs1467967, rs1560310, rs171443, rs17563986, rs17690703, rs17762769, rs17763658, rs1864325, rs2055794, rs2258689, rs242556, rs242562, rs242943, rs242944, rs2435205, rs2435206, rs2435207, rs2435212, rs3785877, rs3785880, rs3785883, rs3785885, rs4458044, rs4616318, rs4792825, rs4792887, rs4792891, rs4792894, rs4792897, rs7210728, rs7220988, rs7224541, rs754593, rs8064870, rs8078967, rs8079215, rs9896752, rs9913462 No significant associations were detected in BD patients. Negative Comment on Study
Gene functional annotation
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Related other genetic factors
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LD-proxies (count: 36)

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Overlap with schizophrenia (SZ) and major depressive disorder (MDD)
Gene relationship with SZ

Gene relationship with MDD

Overlap with MDD from cross-disorder studies (count: 1)

Overlap with MDD from candidate gene intersection analysis (count: 6)

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