Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol ST3GAL1
Previous Symbol SIAT4A
Symbol Alias ST3O, SIATFL, ST3GalA.1
Approved Name ST3 beta-galactoside alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase 1
Previous Name sialyltransferase 4A (beta-galactosidase alpha-2,3-sialytransferase)
Name Alias ST3Gal I
Location 8q24.22
Position chr8:133454848-133571940, -1
External Links HGNC: 10862
Entrez Gene: 6482
Ensembl: ENSG00000008513
UCSC: uc003yuk.2
No. of Studies 4 (Positive: 3; Negative: 0; trend: 1)
Overlap with SZ? NO
Overlap with MDD? NO
Gene related studies (count: 4)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Zandi, P. P., 2008 (b) SNP: rs6986303
Haplotype: rs1411187 - rs6986303()
None of the SNPs were associated with BP in the single-locus tests at a level that exceeded our threshold for study-wide significance (P<3.00E-05). However, there was consistent evidence at our threshold for the suggestive level (P<7.00E-04) from both the single locus and multi-locus tests of associations with SNPs in the genes ADCY8, ST3GAL1, and NSE2. Positive Comment on Study
Perlis, 2008 SNP: rs1554324, rs2978012, rs3758105, rs7835464, rs9643297 permuted P< .005 in gene-based association tests. No genes specifically chosen to probe the action of lithium were associated with bipolar disorder. However, gene-based analysis of sialyltransferase 4A (SIAT4A), tachykinin receptor 1 (TACR1), and -aminobutyric acidA 2 receptor subunit (GABRB2) yielded evidence of association. Positive Comment on Study
Zandi, P. P., 2007 SNP: rs1457466, rs1870126, rs2945733, rs2978041, rs4377991, rs765847, rs939024
Haplotype: rs1457485 - rs4377991 - rs1870126 - rs765847(), rs2945733 - rs2978033 - rs1554325()
Both the single SNP analysis and the haplotype analysis indicated its association with BP. Positive Comment on Study
Zhang, P.,2010 SNP: rs6986303 Our association results showed suggestive evidence of association of BP with loci near ST3GAL1. Trend Comment on Study
Gene functional annotation
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Overlap with schizophrenia (SZ) and major depressive disorder (MDD)
Gene relationship with SZ

Gene relationship with MDD

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