Study Report

Basic Info
Citation Lai, Y. C., et al. (2015). "Investigation of associations between NR1D1, RORA and RORB genes and bipolar disorder." PLoS One 10(3): e0121245.
Disease Type Bipolar Disorder
Study Design case-control
Study Type candidate-gene association study
Sample Size Sample I: 280 BD patients (200 BD-I, 80 BD-II), and 200 healthy controls; Sample II: 448 BD patients (262 BD-I, 186 BD-II) and 1770 healthy controls.
SNP/Region/Marker Size sample I: 27 SNPs, sample II: 628,132 SNPs
Predominant Ethnicity Mongloid
Population Han Chinese
Gender sample I: 137 male cases and 62 male controls; sample II: 198 male cases and 788 male controls
Age Group adults : sample I: mean age=34.80 (sd=11.5) years for cases, mean age=47.30 (sd=8.7) years for controls; sample II: mean age=36.40 (sd=12.5) years for cases, mean age=46.20 (sd=14.7) years for controls

Detail Info

SNPs reported by this study for BD (count: 47)

Genes reported by this study for BD (count: 2)