Study Report

Basic Info
Citation Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M., C. C. Diaconu, et al. (2008). "Investigation of the tryptophan hydroxylase 2 gene in bipolar I disorder in the Romanian population." Psychiatr Genet 18(5): 240-247.
Disease Type Bipolar I Disorder
Study Design case-control
Study Type Candidate-gene association study
Sample Size 198 unrelated BPI probands and 180 controls
SNP/Region/Marker Size 16 SNPs
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian
Population Romanian
Gender The BPI sample consisted of 114 females (57.9%) and 84 males (42.1%).
Age Group adults : The mean age at interview of the total BPI sample was 41.11 years (SD=13.48)

Detail Info

SNPs reported by this study for BD (count: 15)

Haplotypes reported by this study for BD (count: 6)

Genes reported by this study for BD (count: 1)