GO Report

Basic Info
ID GO:0022617
Name extracellular matrix disassembly
Type biological process
No. of Genes in BDgene  10
Source Pathway by Database Search

PBA Result

GO related genes in BDgene (count: 10)
Approved Symbol Approved Name Location No. of Studies (Positive/Negative/Trend) Evidence[PMID]
CMA1 chymase 1, mast cell 14q12 1(0/0/1) TAS
MMP9 matrix metallopeptidase 9 20q13.12 1(1/0/0) TAS
ACAN aggrecan 15q26.1 1(1/0/0) TAS
MMP3 matrix metallopeptidase 3 11q22.3 1(0/1/0) TAS
LAMA3 laminin, alpha 3 18q11.2 1(0/0/1) TAS
COL11A2 collagen, type XI, alpha 2 6p21.3 1(1/0/0) TAS
MMP16 matrix metallopeptidase 16 (membrane-inserted) 8q21 1(0/1/0) TAS
TLL2 tolloid-like 2 10q23-q24 1(1/0/0) TAS
LAMB1 laminin, beta 1 7q22 1(0/0/1) TAS
FBN1 fibrillin 1 15q21.1 2(0/2/0) TAS