GO Report

Basic Info
ID GO:2000310
Name regulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate selective glutamate receptor activity
Type biological process
No. of Genes in BDgene  6
Source Pathway by Database Search

PBA Result

GO related genes in BDgene (count: 6)
Approved Symbol Approved Name Location No. of Studies (Positive/Negative/Trend) Evidence[PMID]
RASGRF2 Ras protein-specific guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 2 5q13 1(0/0/1) IEA
MAPK8IP2 mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 interacting protein 2 22q13.33 1(0/1/0) ISS
RELN reelin 7q22 3(1/2/0) ISS
CRH corticotropin releasing hormone 8q13 2(1/1/0) IDA[12895416]
NRXN1 neurexin 1 2p16.3 1(1/0/0) ISS
CRHBP corticotropin releasing hormone binding protein 5q13.3 1(0/1/0) ISS