Study Report

Basic Info
Citation Wang, Y., J. Zhang, et al. (2008). "SCN8A as a novel candidate gene associated with bipolar disorder in the Han Chinese population." Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 32(8): 1902-1904.
Disease Type Bipolar Disorder
Study Design case-control
Study Type Candidate-gene association study
Sample Size 506 bipolar patients and 507 controls
SNP/Region/Marker Size 3 SNPs
Predominant Ethnicity Mongloid
Population Han Chinese
Gender BD patients (222 females and 284 males); healthy controls (220 females and 287 males)
Age Group BD patients: mean age=37.8 (SD=11.4) years; healthy controls: mean age=36.4 (SD=8.7) years,

Detail Info

SNPs reported by this study for BD (count: 3)

Genes reported by this study for BD (count: 1)