Study Report

Basic Info
Citation Palo, O. M., M. Antila, et al. (2007). "Association of distinct allelic haplotypes of DISC1 with psychotic and bipolar spectrum disorders and with underlying cognitive impairments." Hum Mol Genet 16(20): 2517-2528.
Disease Type Bipolar Disorder
Study Design case-control and family-based
Study Type Candidate-gene association study
Sample Size 723 individuals from 175 nuclear families and from four extended families and 57 trios as a control sample in the molecular genetic analyses
SNP/Region/Marker Size 13 SNPs
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian
Population Finnish
Gender 118 males and 109 females in the group of patients with Bipolar spectrum disorder, 101 males and 70 females in the control group

Detail Info

SNPs reported by this study for BD (count: 13)

Haplotypes reported by this study for BD (count: 18)

Genes reported by this study for BD (count: 2)

Gene-gene interactions reported by this study for BD (count: 1)