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Basic Info
Citation Le Hellard, S., A. J. Lee, et al. (2007). "Haplotype analysis and a novel allele-sharing method refines a chromosome 4p locus linked to bipolar affective disorder." Biol Psychiatry 61(6): 797-805.
Disease Type Bipolar Disorder
Study Design family-based
Study Type Candidate-region linkage study
Sample Size Scottish families F22: 32 affected and 115 unaffected members, F48: 16 affected and 44 unaffected members; Welch families F50: 5 affected and 6 unaffected members; U.S. family of Ashkenazi Jewish F59: 4 affected and 4 unaffected members
SNP/Region/Marker Size 44 variants
Predominant Ethnicity
Population Scottish, Welsh and Ashkenazi Jewish

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Genes reported by this study for BD (count: 2)

Regions reported by this study for BD (count: 1)