Other Variant Report

Basic Info
Name TPH2 promoter 703G/T
Type point mutation
Location promoter
Length of Repeat Unit 1bp
Related Gene TPH2
No. of Study 1 (Positive: 0; Negative 1; Trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? NO
Overlap with MDD? NO

Variant related studies (count: 1)
Reference Allele Change Risk Allele Statistical Values Author Comments Result Category
Choi, K. Y., 2010 G/T Genotype: X2(df=2)=1.48, P-value = 0.477, allele: X2(df=1)=0.782, P-value = 0.376 between all patients and controls. Genotype: X2=0.207, P-value = 0.902; allele: X2=0.065, P-value = 0.798 between the psychotic mania group and the non-psychotic manic group.
There were no significant differences in the genotype distri..... More

Overlap with SZ from cross-disorder studies (count: 0)

Overlap with MDD from cross-disorder studies (count: 0)