SNP Report

Basic Info
Name rs10246960 dbSNP Ensembl
Location chr7:12665788 - 12665788(1)
Variant Alleles C/T
Ancestral Allele C
Minor Allele T
Minor Allele Frequence 0.160543
No. of Studies 1 (Positive: 0; Negative: 0; Trend: 1)
Source Literature
Overlap with SZ? NO
Overlap with MDD? NO

SNP related studies (count: 1)
Reference Allele Change Risk Allele Statistical Values Author Comments Result Category
Scott, L. J.,2009 T/C NIMH/Pritzker: OR (95% CI)=1.41(1.16-1.71), P-value = 0.0006...... NIMH/Pritzker: OR (95% CI)=1.41(1.16-1.71), P-value = 0.00061; GSK(complete sample): OR (95% CI)=1.33(1.1-1.61), P-value = 0.0034; 2-study meta-analysis: OR (95% CI)=1.37(1.19-1.57), P-value = 0.0000096; Heterogeneity: I2%=0, P-value = 0.68 More... Trend

SNP related genes (count: 0)

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