SNP Report

Basic Info
Name rs1872824 dbSNP Ensembl
Location chr12:72036534 - 72036534(1)
Variant Alleles A/G
Ancestral Allele A
Minor Allele G
Minor Allele Frequence 0.49401
Functional Annotation downstream_gene_variant; intron_variant; non_coding_transcript_variant.
Consequence to Transcript downstream_gene_variant(ENST00000333850); intron_variant(ENST00000547278, ENST00000547348, ENST00000550403, ENST00000551074); non_coding_transcript_variant(ENST00000547278, ENST00000547348, ENST00000550403, ENST00000551074)
No. of Studies 1 (Positive: 1; Negative: 0; Trend: 0)
Source Literature
Overlap with SZ? NO
Overlap with MDD? NO

SNP related studies (count: 1)
Reference Allele Change Risk Allele Statistical Values Author Comments Result Category
Chen, S., 2014 A/G Allele frequency: P-value=0.053764, Permutated P-value=0.189...... Allele frequency: P-value=0.053764, Permutated P-value=0.1891; Genotype frequency: P-value=0.01656, H-W P-value=0.201857(case), H-W P-value=0.086564(control). More... Rs1872824 showed statistically marginal differences between ...... Rs1872824 showed statistically marginal differences between cases and controls in genotype frequencies (P-value=0.016563), but no significant differences in allele distribution. More... Positive

SNP related genes (count: 1)
Approved Symbol Approved Name Location No. of Studies (Positive/Negative/Trend)
TPH2 tryptophan hydroxylase 2 12q15 13(10/3/0)

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Overlap with SZ from cross-disorder studies (count: 0)

Overlap with MDD from cross-disorder studies (count: 0)