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By Marquis Vawter on 2013-07-17 02:31:12.0

The mitochondria chromosome is not included in the analyzed SNPs, only sex chromosome and autosomes.
However, some papers have used mitochondria markers, and are included in the BD database.
It would be of interest to also include the mitochondria chromosome as part of the database for analysis.
Thanks, Mark

E.g see the Sequeira et al., 2012 article in BD database.

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By Suhua Chang on 2013-07-17 12:39:47.0

Thanks for your comment! We have included some mitochondria markders in BDgene and will continuely collect related data. Pathway-based analysis for GWAS is based on the mapping from SNP to gene and further to gene set from MsigDB. By now, the mitochondria markers can not directly mapped to defined gene set. As the upgrade of gene set, we may build a seperate gene set for mitochondria markers and include them for PBA.

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