Overview of PBA studies in BDgene

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Reference Data Set PBA Approach Pathway Count
Askland, K., 2009 WTCCC Bayesian genotypic Fisher exact test 142
Peng, G., 2010 WTCCC hypergeometric test (Fisher's exact test), Sidak's method, Simes' method, Simes/FDR method 35
Chang, S., 2015 six BD GWAS datasets from PGC by merging them into group A and group B according to the platform i-GSEA4GWAS v2, SNP Ration Test (SRT), GenGen 33
Holmans, P., 2009 WTCCC + STEP-UCL + ED-DUB-STEP2 ALIGATOR (Association LIst Go AnnoTatOR) 30
Duncan, L. E., 2014 PGC MAGENTA (primary), ALIGATOR, INRICH, Set Screen 13
Chen, L., 2009 WTCCC Prioritizing Risk Pathways fusing SNPs and pathways (PRP) 10
Torkamani, A., 2008 WTCCC hypergeometric test 4
Yu, H., 2014 PGC hybrid gene set-based test (HYST) 3
Drago, A., 2016 NIMH dataset molecular pathway analysis 3
O'Dushlaine, C., 2010 WTCCC SNP ratio test 3
Zhang, K., 2010 WTCCC i-GSEA 2