PBA Pathway Report

Basic Info
Source customized gene set (based on GO, REACTOME and other published literatures)
Source ID Glia – Astrocyte
Name Glia – Astrocyte
No. of PBA Result  1

PBA Result
Pathway Name in Paper Source Reference Data Set Tool Result Parameters Result Link
Glia – Astrocyte PBA paper Duncan, L. E., 2014 PGC(pgc.scz.full.2012-04.txt and pgc.bip.full.2012-04.txt) MAGENTA (primary), ALIGATOR, INRICH, Set Screen P-value=1.00 by MAGENTA, P-value=0.46 by ALIGATOR, P-value=1.00 by INRICH, P-value=0.002 by SS.