Gene Report

Basic Info
Approved Symbol NTRK3
Symbol Alias TRKC
Approved Name neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 3
Location 15q24-q25
Position chr15:87859751-88256768, -1
External Links HGNC: 8033
Entrez Gene: 4916
Ensembl: ENSG00000140538
UCSC: uc002bme.2
No. of Studies 2 (Positive: 2; Negative: 0; trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? YES
Overlap with MDD? YES
Gene related studies (count: 2)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Athanasiu, L.,2011 SNP: rs10163123, rs1017757, rs10520671, rs10520673, rs10520676, rs1073723, rs1075891, rs1105442, rs11073737, rs11073746, rs11073752, rs11073758, rs11073759, rs11073768, rs11073771, rs11630338, rs11631112, rs11631508, rs11632716, rs11634388, rs11635754, rs11638486, rs12148667, rs12324332, rs12441487, rs12441513, rs12443330, rs12591318, rs12591487, rs12591645, rs12593792, rs12595693, rs12901745, rs12903567, rs12907837, rs12911150, rs13313527, rs13329385, rs13380271, rs1346164, rs1369416, rs1369417, rs1369427, rs1381112, rs1435397, rs1435403, rs1461214, rs1465747, rs1559822, rs1560976, rs1560977, rs16940895, rs16941001, rs16941070, rs16941174, rs16941252, rs16941261, rs16941328, rs16941331, rs16941593, rs16941599, rs16941600, rs17755717, rs17765281, rs17830422, rs17831280, rs17842141, rs1863482, rs1863490, rs1870736, rs1948066, rs1986826, rs2009966, rs2018052, rs2043516, rs2081556, rs2114252, rs2117655, rs2349054, rs3743165, rs3784405, rs3784406, rs3784410, rs3803409, rs3963196, rs4243096, rs4392026, rs4404039, rs4887205, rs4887211, rs4887212, rs4887326, rs4887328, rs4887329, rs4887364, rs4887376, rs4887382, rs4887401, rs4887408, rs6496455, rs6496461, rs6496465, rs6496466, rs6496469, rs7161806, rs7163473, rs7164376, rs7164988, rs7165500, rs7165979, rs7166186, rs7167737, rs7168662, rs7169789, rs7170062, rs7170215, rs717320, rs7175493, rs7175941, rs7178884, rs7179067, rs7182329, rs744993, rs744994, rs8023765, rs8025158, rs8026216, rs8033409, rs8035178, rs8035265, rs8036369, rs8039186, rs873897, rs894290, rs894291, rs920067, rs958699, rs958700, rs9635402, rs9806762, rs991728, rs9920842, rs994068, rs998636 Polymorphisms in over 20 markers were nominally associated with bipolar disorder, covering intron 5 to intron 12. Interestingly, our markers appeared to be located close or within the linkage regions reported in schizophrenia, early-onset major depressive disorder and eating disorder, supporting the hypothesis that some genes influence risk beyond traditional diagnostic boundaries. Positive Comment on Study
Feng, Y., 2008 SNP: rs11073767, rs1110306, rs1369423, rs1369430, rs1435403, rs1529323, rs1559824, rs1834573, rs1948066, rs2059588, rs3784406, rs3784410, rs3784441, rs3825884, rs3825885, rs7174354, rs922231, rs991729
Haplotype: rs1369430 - rs1435403 - rs3784441(), rs1369430 - rs1435403 - rs3784441(AGG), rs1369430 - rs1435403 - rs3784441(GAA), rs2059588 - rs1110306 - rs3784406(), rs2059588 - rs1110306 - rs3784406(TGT), rs2059588 - rs1110306 - rs3784406(CAG), rs991729 - rs3784410(), rs991729 - rs3784410(GT), rs991729 - rs3784410(GC), rs991729 - rs3784410(AC)
The results for NTRK3 as well as the authors' previous finding for association to brain-derived neurotrophic factor in this sample support synaptic plasticity as a mechanism contributing to mood disorders that begin during childhood and adolescence and specifically implicate the NTRK3 gene as a contributing factor in the 15q-linked region. Positive Comment on Study
Gene functional annotation
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Related other genetic factors
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LD-proxies (count: 169)

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Overlap with schizophrenia (SZ) and major depressive disorder (MDD)
Gene relationship with SZ

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Overlap with SZ from candidate gene intersection analysis (count: 1)

Gene relationship with MDD

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