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Basic Info
Approved Symbol MAOA
Approved Name monoamine oxidase A
Location Xp11.4-p11.3
Position chrX:43654907-43746824, 1
External Links HGNC: 6833
Entrez Gene: 4128
Ensembl: ENSG00000189221
UCSC: uc004dfy.4
No. of Studies 21 (Positive: 10; Negative: 11; trend: 0)
Overlap with SZ? YES
Overlap with MDD? YES
Gene related studies (count: 21)
Reference Tested Markers Statistical Values/Author Comments Result Category Comment on Study
Craddock, N.,1995 Other variant: MAOA_intron 2_dinucleotide repeat, MAOA_intron 1_VNTR, MAOA_exon 8_Fnu4HI Polymorphism MAOA-RFLP: X<sup>2</sup> = 0.48, df = 1, P-value = 0.49; MAOA-CA: X<sup>2</sup> = 9.56, df = 8, P-value = 0.30; MAOA-VNTR: X<sup>2</sup> = 1.07, df = 2, P-value = 0.59. . No evidence for allelic association was observed between any of the markers and bipolar disorder. Negative Comment on Study
Lim, L. C.,1995 Other variant: MAOA_(CA)n, MAOA_VNTR, MAOA_Fnu4HI Polymorphism For marker MAOA-CA: X<sup>2</sup> = 24.63, Exact P-value < 0.0019; For marker MAOA-VNTR, X<sup>2</sup> = 15.86, df = 4, P-value = 0.0032, and the effect was strongest in females X<sup>2</sup> = 17.96, df = 4, P-value = 0.0013;For marker MAOA-RFLP, X<sup>2</sup> = 8.48, df = 1, P-value = 0.0036, and particularly so for females, X<sup>2</sup> = 8.76, df = 1, P-value = 0.0031; . Our results show evidence for allelic association between bipolar disorder and alleles at 3 MAOA markers Positive Comment on Study
Eslami Amirabadi, M. R., 2015 Other variant: MAOA_CA, MAOA_VNTR, MAOA_RFLP The obtained results confirm some previous studies regarding a gender specific association of MAOA gene with the bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Kawada, Y.,1995 Overall association between the disorder and alleles of the MAOA locus (X<sup>2</sup> = 14.03, df = 6, P-value = 0.029); For A4 allele, the frequencies were higher in patients (X<sup>2</sup> = 4.14, df = 1, P-value = 0.042); For A5 allele, it was opposite (X<sup>2</sup> = 6.31, df = 1, P-value = 0.012).. The differences do not reach the significant level after multiple correction, we suggested a weak but significant overall difference in allele distribution between patients and controls. Positive Comment on Study
Fan, M.,2010 Other variant: MAOA_(CA)n, MAOA_T941G, MAOA_promoter_VNTR Our meta-analysis suggests a significant association of the MAOA gene with major depressive disorder and BPD within specific groups Positive Comment on Study
Serretti, A.,2002 Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR Our study did not support the involvement of 5-HTTLPR, TPH, MAO-A, or DRD4 polymorphisms in bipolar disorder. Negative Comment on Study
Gutierrez, B., 2004 Other variant: uMAOA In female bipolar disorder patients, long alleles were associated with longest times of admission (F=4.604, P-value = 0.037). A trend for association with seasonal pattern was also defined in this group (data not corrected for multiple testing).. Our results suggest that MAOA gene variation may modulate the expression of some clinical aspects of severe mood disorders, especially in females, and support the existence of a genetic and aetiologic heterogeneity underlying the diagnoses of bipolar disorder and major depression. Positive Comment on Study
Huang, S. Y.,2008 SNP: rs1137070 Our results suggest that MAOA polymorphisms do not play a major role in pathogenesis of BD or its clinical subtypes in Han Chinese. Negative Comment on Study
Muramatsu, T., 1997 Other variant: MAOA_(CA)n, MAOA_exon 8_VNTR, MAOA_exon 8_RFLP Therefore, our results did not support the involvement of the alleles at MAOA and MAOB in the etiology of mood disorder. Negative Comment on Study
Parsian, A., 1997 Other variant: MAOA_1-8 allele These data do not support the association of MAO-A or B with bipolar affective disorder but do demonstrate that undetected population stratification can be an important source of bias in case-control studies. Negative Comment on Study
Sasaki, T., 1998 Other variant: MAOA_T941G, MAOA_A1609G No evidence for the genetic association between the MAO-A gene and major psychosis was obtained in the Japanese subjects. Negative Comment on Study
Muller, D. J., 2007 Haplotype: MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(T-4), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(G-3), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(T-3), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(G-4), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(T-5), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(T-3.5), MAOA_-941T>G - MAOA_-VNTR(G-5)
Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR, MAOA_T941G
The family-based association study gives mild but further support of the involvement of MAOA variants in bipolar disorder. Positive Comment on Study
Hu, M. C.,2012 Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR The MAOA-uVNTR 3-repeat had a significant protective effect on the ALC+BP (odds ratio=0.432, p=0.035) but not on the healthy controls. However, the interaction between the MAOA-uVNTR 3-repeat and DRD2 A1/A2 was a risk factor in the ALC+BP (odds ratio=3.451, p=0.018). CONCLUSIONS: We indicated the impact of the association between MAOA-uVNTR 3-repeat and DRD2 A1/A2 with ALC+BP. Positive Comment on Study
Rubinsztein, D. C.,1996 Other variant: MAOA_RFLP, MAOA_(CA)n We found a significant difference between the pooled normal and bipolar allele frequencies both for the microsatellite and the RFLP at MAOA. Positive Comment on Study
Turecki, G.,1999 Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR Our results were not supportive of a major role of MAOA in the predisposition to bipolar disorder. Negative Comment on Study
Kunugi, H.,1999(b) Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR There was no significant genotypic or allelic association, suggesting that the functional VNTR polymorphism in the MAOA gene is unlikely to play a major role in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder or unipolar depression. Negative Comment on Study
Kirov, G.,1999(b) Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR No statistically significant differences were found between transmitted and not transmitted alleles for any of the polymorphisms studied. Negative Comment on Study
Furlong, R. A.,1999(a) Other variant: MAOA_(CA)n, MAOA-Fnu Significant differences were found in Meta analysis. Positive Comment on Study
Preisig, M.,2000 Other variant: MAOA_promoter_VNTR, MAOA_RFLP, MAOA_(CA)n A significant difference in the distribution of the alleles for the MAOA-CA repeat was observed between the female bipolar patients and comparison group. Positive Comment on Study
Lin, S.,2000 Other variant: MAOA_(CA)n As for association studies, no significant association between bipolar disorder and MAOA gene was detected. Negative Comment on Study
Syagailo, Y. V.,2001 Other variant: MAOA_LPR Our results suggest that there is no association between MAOA-LPR genotype and susceptibility to recurrent major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia in our population. Negative Comment on Study
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